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The Center for Studies on Freedom of Expression and Access to Information (CELE) was founded in 2009 at the Palermo University Law School with the objective to provide rigorous research and studies to sectors of civil society, journalists, government institutions and the academic community that are dedicated to the promotion of those rights, primarily in Latin America.

CELE was created in response to a need to construct spaces for debate and study dedicated to reflecting on the importance and the limits of freedom of expression and access to public information in the region. In order to accomplish this, the center proposes to create dialogue and collaborate with other academic entities in Argentina and in Latin America.

Freedom of expression is a fundamental right in democratic societies which permits the open debate of ideas and the development of a country´s people. Together with the right of access to information, it allows the public administration to become more transparent and ensures the participation of citizens in political activities. Moreover, the protection of these rights supports the full exercise of other human rights.

The principal objectives of CELE are to use scientific perspectives and research to draw attention to the importance of these rights in our societies, to produce studies of public policies related to their promotion, and, above all, to strengthen the ability of citizens to exercise those rights.
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