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Spanish as Second Language | Intermediate Level
Course Objectives:

The Spanish-Intermediate Level Course’s main goal is that the student will learn to:

» Interview for a job, describe tasks and narrate experiences
» Invite, accept or refuse an invitation
» Advise, suggest
» Express wishes, emotions, tastes, preferences, reservations and doubts
» Express agreement/disagreement

Grammatical Objectives:

» Use of impersonal “se”
» Uses of estar+gerund
» Possessives
» Past tense, irregular form
» Use of markers in narrative
» Past perfect
» Personal pronouns
» Indirect style
» Imperative
» Prepositions
» Recommendation and instructions for impersonal forms
» Use of possessives with imperative
» Subjunctive
» Expression of wishes, desires and feelings
» Requests
» Diminutives
» To give one’s personal opinion, to ask for someone else’s opinion

Lexicon Objectives:

» Occupation
» Time and sequence expressions
» Temporary markers
» Expressions used in formal letters
» Formal expressions to express gratitude, to excuse oneself, to propose
» Turism: types of accommodation, tourist activities, means of transport, luggage
» Traffic signals
» Greetings and expressions for different social situations
» Expressions to express agreement/disagreement
» Expressions to express doubt, distrust, disbelief
» Parts of the house and the city
» Parts of the body
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