International Journal of Safety and Security in Tourism/Hospitality

The first journal dedicated to security in tourism and Hospitality.
Welcome to International Journal of Safety and Security in Tourism and Hospitality. This journal represents an efforts of many scholars who are concerned about the safety and security in tourism industry. The frequency of publication is one issue per year.

Recently the outbreaks of new viruses as Swine Flu or Dengue as well as the multiplication of violence in the world have placed the agenda of Western governments. Many local and international economies were jeopardized by a set of different hazards, natural disasters, financial crises and of course tourism was not an exemption. This journal combines a conjunction of conceptual and empirical-based papers but also contribute to expand the understanding of risk-perception. As a social construe the sense of security refers to our own way to perceive the otherness and our Being-in the world.

We strongly believe that the commercial nature of pay-for journals does not correspond with the publicity principle of Science. Besides, the quality of research should not be only determined by business goals. For that reason, the content of this journal are of free access.

IJSSTH is an academic publication with the sole purpose of disseminating knowledge to a global audience. Commercial use of articles is strictly forbidden without permission. IJSSTH is free to individuals and institutions. Every effort is made to ensure compliance with copyright law and appropriate credit. Please bring any omission to the attention of the Editor.
IJSSTH is hosted by The Center of Business Research and Studies at Universidad de Palermo.

Subject coverage
Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
- Studies related to comparative cross-cultural perceptions of risk and threat.
- Natural and human-caused disasters.
- Post-disaster recovery strategies in tourism and hospitality.
- Terror movies and tourism.
- Aviation safety and security.
- Crime and security issues in tourism and hospitality.
- Political instability, terrorism and tourism.
- Thana-tourism.
- War on terror and tourism.
- The effects of global warming on tourism destinations.
- Innovative quantitative/qualitative methods for the study of risk and security issues in tourism and hospitality.
- Virus outbreaks and tourism Mobility.
- Disasters, trauma and tourism.
- Apocalyptic theories and tourism as a form of entertainment.

Friendly Institutins
- Salford Center for Disaster Studies, Universidad de Salford, Reino Unido.
- Disaster Research Center, Universidad Flinders, Australia.
- Group. Universidad de Malaga, España.
- DRC - Disaster Research Center, Universidad de Delaware, USA.
- CIRET. Centre International de Recherches et d’Etudes Touristiques, France.
- RIATUR, Red de Investigaciones aplicadas al turismo.
- Centro de Estudios en Relaciones Internacionales No europeos. Universidad de Varsovia.
- Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Turísticos, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
- Revista.

Observaciones filosóficas
The /views/ expressed in this publications are those of the /author/(s) and do /not/ imply endorsement by Universidad de Palermo.

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