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Forum of School of Design

About the Forum of School of Design &
Latin American Confence of Design Teaching | versión en español

The Forum of Schools of Design (created in 2006) is a formal academic exchange network that brings together more than 350 institutions in Latin America dedicated to the teaching of design. Its purpose is to share, reflect and produce common projects that broaden the perspectives of design as a profession and discipline.

The Latin American Conference of Design Teaching is an initiative of the Forum of Schools of Design. The Congress is held uninterruptedly since 2010 with over 300 speakers and 1000 attendees in each issue. The event contributed to the improvement of academic and pedagogical quality of design in Latin America and to the development of research projects for the generation of new knowledge in teaching design among a network of researchers, institutions and faculty.

The core of the Conference are the papers submitted by scholars, these are evaluated by a committee and organized into committees.

The event is held under the Latin American Design Meeting which this year celebrates its 13th edition. This congress is the biggest design event in the region where academics, professional, students and business people come for training, networking and exchange experiences between 5000 participants, from 20 countries.

Memories of Congress (presentations, participants and conclusions) are part of ACTAS DE DISEÑO, publishing evaluated in Level 1 (Higher Level of Excellence) by CAICYT- Argentine Center of Scientific and Technological Information / CONICET. The MAGAZINE is published twice annually without interruption since 2006 and is registered under ISSN 1850-2032 Catalog code Latindex.



The cores of Congress are the Committees formed around large areas, themes and issues in the Teaching of Design today.
In the last edition, involved 1,000 professionals and 350 papers were presented in 60 commissions.

The main topics are

- Design Teaching: Curriculum undergraduate and graduate / Curriculum content / experiences, strategies and pedagogical / Instructional Resources and Processes traditional tools vs. Innovative creative strategies.

- Training for Entrepreneurship and Business: Market and Design / Marketing, Communication and Education / Branding / New Trends in Education and New Market Trends / Case studies and experiences of students related companies / Sustainable Entrepreneurship / Business Incubators applied in the education sector etc.

- New Careers, New Professionals and Digital Environments Fields: The student multitasking / Careers Interactive / Multimedia Virtual Platforms: How to frame the new careers in the disciplinary field of design? / The emergence of new professionals / Virtual Classroom / Softwares Educational and Creative / Using Social Networks in the education sector.

- Research and Editorial Policy: Actions to strengthen research in education / Innovative areas of research in design / Research training programs for teachers and students / Presentation of books: content development and editing / Policies publishers use educational institutions in Latin America.

- Sustainability and Eco in Education: Instructional Strategies Sustainable Design / Design and Social / Case Experiences Responsibility and Sustainable Designs processes within the education sector. Extraction, production, processing and transportation of sustainable materials applied to education.

- Observatory: Innovative trends differences in the disciplines of Design / teaching to detect trends Design / Cool hunting / Conferences and academic Reflections for the generation and implementation of Creative Trends in Design Tools.

- Local and Regional Identities: Regional Design and its insertion in global markets / Design and Regional Identity: cultural and geographical / regional and local products Elements, morphological and semiotic analysis, Cultural Heritage. Pedagogical and methodological teaching and integration of local identities proposals.

Parallel activities of the Congress

Meeting of the Forum of Schools of Design (created in 2006). A formal academic exchange network that brings together more than 300 institutions in Latin America dedicated to the design. Its purpose is to share, reflect and produce common projects that broaden the perspectives of design as a profession and discipline.

Inside the meeting will be held the Recognition of Professional Academic Trajectory Design and the tribute to the honorary committee.

Guests of Honor: Since the first Congress in 2010 were presented keynote speeches from leading practitioners and academics Design, from around the world, acquiring the category of Guests of Honor. Some of them are: Steve Diskin (Pratt Institute), Norberto Chaves, Steven Farm (Parsons The New School for Design), Jennifer Minniti (Pratt Institute) and Terry Erwin (Carnegie Mellon University)


Accession to the Forum of Schools of Design

Who can join the Forum?

Every official educational institutions, from everywhere in the continent, that act in the Design and Communication area, can adhere to the Schools Forum through a representative (authority, academic, teaching or research institution). Training centers or institutions that don´t have official endorsement by the Ministry of Education in its country -or a similar organism that meets the same functions of the Ministry- can’t adhere to the Forum.

Adhering to the Forum of Schools of Design is automatically renewed each year unless one of the parties decides otherwise.

How to join the Forum of Schools of Design?

To join the Forum of Schools of Design the representative must complete and sign the letter of accession. Download it here and send it by mail with the institutional logo attached to:

For questions you can write to: with copy to:

Could one institution have more than one adherent?

Yes, the same school could have more than one Adherent (authority, teacher, but not student). For those cases, to complete another letter of accession is required.