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The Webinar “DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION AND INNOVATIVE BRAND POSITIONING” enables executives, entrepreneurs, strategists, marketers and business students to adopt a Strategic Mindset that is essential in a turbulent and highly volatile business environment. While managers are well-versed in data analytics and applying statistical techniques to manage data, they rarely recognize that today’s data reflects yesterday’s reality.

Research consistently shows that executives cite innovation as a top business priority. However, as many managers struggle with innovation, it is imperative to first establish where the company fits into the market space. Enter Brand Positioning, the unique space your company wants to own in consumers’ hearts and minds. Given the continuing competitive pressure technological innovation will exert, it seems that businesspeople must pay more attention to the positioning strategies and start viewing competitive dynamics in radically different ways.

Strategic Mindset. Brand Positioning. Disruptive Innovation. Consumer Psychology. DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION AND INNOVATIVE BRAND POSITIONING webinar focuses on all four. Bartolomeo Rafael Bialas will explore and analyze the different aspects and approaches to Strategic Brand Positioning within the dynamic context of innovation and competition.


This webinar will result in more focused strategic thinking about how to view competition and competitive advantage, how to approach disruptive innovation, and how to create robust, winning brand strategies. The webinar also will raise awareness and stimulate actions to adopt brand-centric business philosophy anchored in long-term orientation. Participants will learn how the brand insights lead to strategic thinking that eventually results in better performing organizations and will acquire an in-depth understanding of competitive dynamics and learn how to break away from the debilitating ‘build-a-better-mousetrap’ competition.


● How disruptive is your innovation?
● The psychology behind Consumer Behavior
● Conceptualizing Strategy
● Brand Decoded
● Brand Positioning and its importance for competitive advantage

Bartolomeo Rafael Bialas (Las Vegas, USA) is an international expert on brand management and strategic thinking. He has consulted for and worked with many business and government organizations, including MGM Grand Las Vegas, Wynn Las Vegas, The Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh , Goodwill Industries International, Aldec, White Square Gallery, ING Group, RDG Advertising, Keane Creative, Nevada Governor’s Office of economic development/International Trade and diplomatic protocol, Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Los Angeles.

He has been a visiting professor at various universities around the world. For example: Belize, Guatemala, Poland, Latvia, Portugal, USA, Slovakia.

He has also lectured at the prestigious craft acting studio co-founded by the actor and Emmy Award-winner Brad Garrett.

Duration: 90 minutes
Date: Wednesday, June 24
Time: 5pm (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Language: English
Platform: Blackboard Collaborate Online
accommodation: 500 participants