Seminario CELE: Autopsy of a metaphor - The origins, use and blind spots of the ‘infodemic’

Seminario CELE: Autopsy of a metaphor - The origins, use and blind spots of the ‘infodemic’

El Centro de Estudios en Libertad de Expresión y Acceso a la Información (CELE) invita al nuevo Seminario a cargo de Ramiro Alvarez Ugarte, investigador del CELE UP, en el cual se discutirá el paper Autopsy of a metaphor: The origins, use and blind spots of the ‘infodemic’.

Fecha: 14 de octubre a las 16 (hora Argentina).

La discusión será en inglés con traducción en simultáneo.


Felix M. Simon is a Leverhulme Doctoral Scholar at the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) at the University of Oxford and a Knight News Innovation Fellow at Columbia University’s Tow Center for Digital Journalism. He works as a research assistant at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism (RISJ) at the University of Oxford. As a member of the Leverhulme Doctoral Centre ‘Publication beyond Print’, he is researching the implications of Artificial Intelligence in journalism and the news industry. His research interests are around digital media, political communication and the transformation of the news.

Chico Camargo is a Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Exeter, a research associate at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, and director of the CC Lab at Exeter. In his research, he develops new computational methods to study the evolution of information, combining approaches from the natural and social sciences. He is also a science communicator, having written for Science, HuffPost Brazil, The Conversation, and produced more than 50 videos for YouTube, as one of the directors of Science Vlogs Brazil.

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