Two Awards:

Licenciado en Management - Universidad de Palermo. Facultad de Negocios

Bachelor in Business and Management - University of London. Academic direction by: LSE - London School of Economics and Political Science.

This degree programme prepares you for the demanding world of business. This requieres a familiarity with the main management functions, with Marketing at the core.

It allows you to study these management functions on the basis of a solid foundation in the social sciences. It will not only provide you with the required technical skills, but also give you a wider perspective on management that will enable you to view a business in its social, cultural and political context.

You will acquire the ability to think independently about business decisions, and to assimilate new ideas throughout your career.

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Where can it lead?



General management


Management consulting


Further academic study

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Features of the degree

A solid understanding of the different functional areas of business and a good foundation for a career in management.

A social science emphasis that allows you to develop a thorough appreciation of business and management within a wider environment.

An opportunity to develop excellent analytical skills which are invaluable to the decision-making role of management.

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BSc Business & Management. Universidad de Londres.
Lic. en Management. Universidad de Palermo.