Low-power wind generator

Project started in 2012. 
Objective: Development of a vertical low power wind generator. 

The product features are: 
• Low cost
• Low maintenance
• Easy assembly

We are currently working on:
• Power optimization through automatic load adaptation
• Aerodynamic re-design of the blades with finite elements
• Design and construction of a portable weather station to study potential installation sites

For further information of this and other related projects please call +54-11-4964-4620 or email: research@palermo.edu.

- 2015 Third prize COPIME 2015
- 2015 Prize Contest Savio of the Ministry of Defence
- 2014 Best paper award, CAEII , San Luis, Argentina
- 2014 Prize INNOVAR MinCyT
- 2013 Third prize ISTEC-SPEED Student Challenge
- 2013 Second Prize Odebrecht for Sustainable Development
- 2013 Second Prize COPIME 2013
- 2012 Stimulus Research Prize Santander Rio

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