Latin American Cultural Identity Program

Universidad de Palermo takes pride on being the most internationally diverse University in Argentina, with students from more than 50 different countries. The Latin American Cultural Identity Program is a semester-long course created for those international students who besides learning Spanish, believe it is important to learn what makes Latin America, and more specifically Argentina, the way it is. It is recommended for those students who are focusing their studies in the region or for those who simply acknowledge its significance in history and its potential in the future.

Spanish (Advanced Level) Course Information
Latin American Culture Courses Information


The Latin American Cultural Identity Program is designed to not only expose students to a Spanish-speaking environment, but also to gain an understanding of the way our society, economy and politics work.


The Program is divided in two parts:

1. Spanish
2. Latin American Cultural Identity

Spanish (advanced level) course information

1. Course Objectives
2. Grammatical Objectives
3. Lexicon Objectives
4. Writing Objectives

Latin american culture courses information

We recommend students choose no more than 3 or 4 (in addition to the Spanish course) of the following subjects.

1. Society and Culture
2. Latin American International Relations
3. Evolution of the Argentine Society
4. Latin America, Twentieth Century
5. Latin American Art
6. Argentine Art

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